Escape room switch locks

A customer of mine manages a few Escape rooms in Ljubljana, so he occasionally asks me to develop a problem for him.

Recently he needed two simple locks, preferably electronic and they have to be one red, the other blue.

So, I proposed two simple solutions, no programming needed, because that would have made the lock much more expensive.

The first problem requires a binary code to activate a 12 V lock and I included an LED to indicate, that something good happened.

There are 6 single-pole double-throw switches, wired in series. If any one of them is open, the whole chain is open. That’s the idea.

It has 26 = 64 possible combinations, so it’s not even that hard to brute-force open the lock by trying all combinations. The featured escape room has 12 minutes to find the exit, so that’s perhaps a waste of your precious time.

As I said, the lock consists of 6, but it could have been many more, switches, wired in series. The LED lights up when the switches are all closed, and the lock opens.

A 1 kOhm resistor limits the current through the LED, because we have a 12 V DC power supply.

The housing is designed in Fusion 360 and 3D printed on a Prusa MK3 MMU2S. I think it looks sexy.

The other lock is similar, with the difference, that it had to be red and the solution had to be a 3-digit code, containing digits 1-6. That gives us 63 = 216 combinations.

The wiring is the same, switches are wired in series, and only when they are all closed, the lock will activate and the LED will light up.

Again, the housing was designed in Fusion 360 and 3D printed on the same Prusa.

If you need help with your Escape room, let me know, I’ll try to figure something out and help you with your problem.

Just write me an e-mail at:

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