We are here to help you with your project in the field of mechanics and electronics. Here are a few examples of our commissions for companies or individuals.

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The companies we worked with are:

  1. Danfoss (Fluke emulator, cycling machine, polymers ageing chamber, AME driver and logger)
  2. Omega Air
  3. Petra stroji (Measurement system for detection of chatter)
  4. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Ljubljana
  5. The Key Escape Room (escape room problems)
  6. Mind Maze Escape Room (escape room problems)

Cycling machine

Designed and manufactured for the purpose of durability testing of valves, the cycling machine outputs a square wave voltage In the range 0 – supply voltage.

The cycling machine is capable of driving 4 A current through the output terminals at 12 – 20 V DC. Enough to power a spool of a pneumatic valve, to open or close a set of 12 valves easily. That’s right, inductive load capable is the cycling machine.

Fluke Emulator

Fluke 744/754 or similar calibrators enable output voltage in the range of 0 – 10 V DC in Manual mode, Linear ramp and Step ramp.

Being relatively expensive (at the time of writing in 2019, Fluke 754 costs $7795), we have developed an alternative of the Fluke calibrator for the Danish company Danfoss, who are testing their valve actuators and need 0 – 10 V signal voltage to drive the actuators.

The Fluke Emulator can output manually set voltage, user-defined linear ramp, or user-defined step ramp.

As an additional feature we have implemented a linear ramp graph, which shows you the progress of your linear ramp quite elegantly. We wrapped it all up in a neat 3D printed custom-made housing with industrial PCB terminals.

Danfoss AME Driver and Logger

Again, Danfoss of Denmark had a task of measuring cycle time of their newly developed specialty valve actuators. This time the actuators in question are subjected to environmental conditions as in application, but their task is to run for 100 000 cycles.

We had to develop electronics and program a controller for 4 samples, that were given control signals independently and their cycle times were measured independently as well. From the cycle times, we could see, how the actuators are ageing and their performance is deteriorating over time.

To top it all off, all data had to be logged on an SD card for each sample separately for later analysis and in case there was a power outage during the test.

We wrapped it all up in a neat 3D printed housing with Danfoss colors.

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