Permanent magnet axial-flux 3-phase rotary generator

Video of the design.
Plans for a Permanent Magnet 3-Phase Axial Flux Rotary Generator

Having a primary mover that turns kinetic energy of a heat engine, a wind turbine or some other kinetic energy source, sooner or later one wishes to transform that energy into a more convenient currency. Usually the energy of choice is electric energy and for that a generator needs to be available.

Permanent magnet generator is the one I am particularly fond of because of its relatively simple design and today very strong magnets are readily available for anyone to use.

This permanent magnet generator is robust and simple to assemble, however some parts need to be machined on a laser or water jet, but that is not a problem these days.

I wish you a lot of success with your assembly and have fun.

Contents of the package are:

Bundle/For 3D printing/1031 - Coiling tool.stl
Bundle/For laser cutting/
Bundle/For laser cutting/1007 - Magnet holder for laser cutting.dwg
Bundle/For laser cutting/1010 - Bearing holder for laser cutting.dwg
Bundle/For laser cutting/1023 - Housing rotor cover for laser cutting.dwg
Bundle/For laser cutting/1025 - Housing shaft cover for laser cutting.dwg
Bundle/Permanent magnet generator-2019-01.pdf
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