Contour duplication tool

Sometimes you need to transfer a curve onto a tile or a piece of wood. This tool can be of great help. I think it is called contour duplication tool.


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The idea is to make a relatively accurate copy of a contour, so that you can transfer that contour to a blank piece and then cut it exactly to fit to that curve. Here is an example.

I have seen this tool before and I think it is really a genius way to transfer a funky shape to a piece that has to fit in that place.

Let’s quickly check the model and see, how it can be designed. For this size, 150 mm or 5.9 inches, we will need 100 pieces of 15 by 100 mm 1.5 mm thick plastic blanks. I’ll cut them from ABS sheets on my brother’s circular saw.

These sheets are then recessed by 2.5 mm. This can also be done with a circular saw relatively easily.

All we need now is a bracket that will hold everything in place, and have a way to adjust friction between these 100 plastic members. I chose a screw to do that, but a spring with a screw would also be a great choice in my opinion.

I am sure, you will enjoy building your own Contour duplication tool.

Most of the tools I design are published on the forum, so check that out.

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