Lever Metal Bender

Bending metal is a basic operation. Making long continuous splines or short bends, you need some specialized tool. For the first one, roller metal bender is the right tool, but for short bends, you need something else entirely.

Lever metal bender model.

Lever metal bender model with blue pins as constraints and red pin as the axis and constraint.

I would recommend Lever Metal Bender. This page is about the Lever Metal Bender.


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Mistry MakeTool: Make A Metal Bender || Homemade DIY Tool, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YFG22G5iZ0

I found the basic idea for the tool on this channel, but adapted the tool for a more general and robust use.

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The design employs a 600 mm (24 in) steel bar for bending metallic rods, that are constrained between two pins (joints).

Featured design employs three pins, where selecting different ones enables the user to bend to a tighter angle or in a different direction. Most parts are standard or can be machined with basic tools from standard steel blanks.

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Lever metal bender close-up view.
Close-up with a bent metal piece between the pins.
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